Le 4 Contrade Organic Almons are collected and dried at sun, on huge nets on the ground, as in the past.

Our Organic Almonds are really tastefull and healthy.

The properites of our Organic Almonds are numerous. They are rich of  essential oils, vitamins (especially vitamin E), proteins, minerals (potassium, phosphorus, zinc). They do not contain glutin.

Le 4 Contrade Organic Almonds grow without any chemical products, since our Farm in Organic since 2010.

In order to protect our almond trees in the countryside we use only use vegetal and mineral products, accepted by our Organic System ICEA. Our Nature takes care about our almonds’ taste and healthy properties.

Almonds are energizing, alkalizing, they are a good prevention against cancer.

Almonds contain as well antioxidants, they delay cellular aging, regularize the intestine and the celebral function.

Almonds are relly known for protecting our heart function as well.

Moreover, they keep low the level of bad cholesterol. They prevent diabetes, heart desease. As from the nutritional point of view, almonds are really good for losing weight in diets.

Our Almonds are shelled and completely natural. We have only local almonds, from local varieties, such as Genco variety.

It is one of the oldest variety in our area. They are really tasteful and crunchy.

They have a persistent scent of white flowers and toasted white sesame, and a round, balanced, pleasent, bitter aftertaste (typical of Genco variety).

Genco almonds are perfect and versatile: they are perfect as a natural snack and for sweet, salty recipes and for the preparation of vegetal drinks.