Beesin our farm

Our organic Le 4 Contrade wildflower honey is the expression of our organic farm which consists of almond groves, olive groves, vineyards, arable land, uncontaminated fields with wild plants and wildflowers. A naturally healthy environment for bees and their activity.

Franco Rondinella, a beekeeper with a long experience, who has chosen for more than 10 years to leave his apiaries on our land, is well aware of this.

Our partnership is virtuous: bees are free to work in a clean environment, free from pesticides and chemicals, producing the best Italian organic honey and contributing to a rich pollination (and flowering) of our almond orchards and our countryside.

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And their organicwildflower honey

Spring in the farm is an explosion of colors and scents of almond blossoms and wildflowers.

Our organic wildflower honey is produced in an artisanal way, without the use of chemical treatments; it is neither heated nor pasteurized, it does not contain added sugars but only its natural sweetness. Only a few kilograms per year are available.

Le 4 Contrade organic wildflower honey presents all the expressions of our countryside: the sweetness and aromas of chamomile, mallow, almond blossoms, rosemary, lavender and wildflowers. The taste is naturally sweet, delicately floral and well balanced.

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Artisanand rich in properties

Our artisanal organic honey contains in its natural sweetness an elixir of beneficial properties for our health.

Being produced in an artisanal way, without thermal stress, it preserves all its original substances and nutritional values. Honey is rich in calming, antibacterial, antibiotic, antioxidant and decongestant properties. It has a restorative and detoxifying action for the liver and kidneys.

It is easily digestible and is a natural sugar substitute, providing immediate energy.

Promotes intestinal transit, preventing constipation (even in children).

In short, it is a pleasure and a help, all natural, for our health and our palate.

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