WhoWe are

After several experiences of study and work, the call of the land of origin, Puglia, with its colors and scents, made us choose to come back.

With a luggage full of enthusiasm, in 2016 we returned to Andria with the intention of reviving an old family brand: Le 4 Contrade.

Ours is a life project as well as a work project, in which we believe more and more every day.

At the base of Le 4 Contrade there is the wellspring of everything: our organic farm, which for centuries has been managed from father to son. Our family, Spagnoletti Zeuli, has in fact been producing since the early 1600s and has modernized its farm following the agricultural innovations that were discovered over tim

Only localvarieties

We like to bring value to the products of our Organic Masseria and share with our customers a piece of our Apulian countryside, made of hundred years old olive trees, almond groves, vineyards and wheat fields lying on the Murgia hills.

We only grow products from local varieties: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Coratina monocultivar and almonds (from Genco, Tuono and Filippo Cea varieties).

Buy oil and almonds

Our aim isto give to our clientsthe best productsof our Nature.

Our organic choice

We believe in organic farming, without additives or chemical fertilizers and in the importance of the combination of taste and health in our products.

We are committed to guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship, ensuring the maximum selection of our best raw materials. Our products are checked and analysed from the field, to the harvest, to the packaging, making sure we always give our customers the best. This without neglecting the desire to express ourselves with a style that reflects us.

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Puglia:Our land

Mutable, emotional, a continuous discovery.

Puglia is a land that lives in a natural balance made of sea and olive trees, villages and countrysides, vineyards and historical alleys. With our Le 4 Contrade products we would like to bring to your table a piece of our countryside, composed of our centuries-old olive trees from Coratina variety and almond trees from local varieties (Genco, Tuono, Filippo Cea) lying at the foot of Castel del Monte, whose branches sway laden with fruit caressed by the wind of the Murgia.