From ourolive trees

There is a close relationship between the olive trees and its fruits, between harvesting and production, between the oil and our bottles. There is a part of us.

We select only the best Coratina olives from our trees, those that reflect the parameters we look for during the harvest: the right ripeness of the olives for milling.

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On yourtable

We care about making the best olive oil. A few steps, well done, ensuring the most interesting output.  This starting from the tree, through the extraction of the oil, up to the table of our customers.

Le 4 Contrade extra virgin olive oil is perfect for enjoying the typicality of the Coratina variety at its essence.

Ideal for enhancing any dish thanks to its fragrant aromas of artichoke and wild herbs from the Murgia plain.

It is characterized by the enveloping aftertaste of sweet almond that goes perfectly with the unmistakable bitter and spicy of the Coratina variety, leaving a round and persistent finish.

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With traditionand innovation

Each step of the production process is meticulously cared for starting from the farming of the olive trees, with the most modern agronomic techniques in compliance with the organic regulations.

We are helped by our team of dedicated farmers: Francesco, production manager and Pierluigi, professor of agricultural genetics who knows every olive tree and every life behind it.

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How wedo it

We reach a product with our quality standards only with the greatest focus, starting from the fields till the bottle.

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Visit our Bio Boutique and buy our Organic Olive oil.
It is our new production!

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